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Since 1999 VTO-Dekor's strategy has been to supply its customers with the widest possible range of products and services; thus supporting them in their aspirations and helping them to achieve their goals. We provide comprehensive solutions in the field of decorative materials for finishing doors, furniture, wall panels and profiles. This means, that the products that you offer will be continiously developed.


Read on for more details about the range of decorative foils, edge bandings and laminates and printed decor paper that we offer.


New website

wwwVTO-Dekor have had the same logo and website since 2008. Now we have the pleasure to present you our new website. We would like to build a service which would be in addition to the presentation function of the website. By this we mean that we also plan to make the website a platform of information exchange and decor development. We plan to expand our website and because of this, we would like to encourage you to make regular visits.


Previous version of our service will be available by clicking on the icon or via this link.


New logo

sn logoWe are changing for you. Since the begining of 2013 you will find our new logo on all our documents and marketing materials. We hope that you will find this change attractive.